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I am an NYC based photographer and published author. Whether my work focuses on travel lifestyle or portraiture my images are intended to evoke emotion.
My photographs have been showcased at galleries including The ICP, and I have been featured in numerous publications including: The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Daily News, Huffington Post, Time Out NY, Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, New York Family, among others. In addition, I have appeared on NY1 News, ABC News and Good Morning America as a photography expert.
I have curated exhibitions and collaborated with iconic photographers like Annie Leibovitz, Elliot Erwitt, Joyce Tenneson, & Bruce Davidson while serving as the Director of Photography at the JCC in Manhattan. I continue to teach photography while also lecturing at NYU, Rutgers Medical School, and various health care organizations across the country and I serve on the board of American Society of Media Professionals.  

My Night and Aerial photography work allows me to escape the every day minutia and see the magic in our world. I have won numerous awards for my travel and fine art work, some of which I list below.

Throughout my career, I have been drawn to unearthing with my lens, an authentic glimpse into a person’s way of life and their natural way of being. I have a deep professional experience working in intimate and specialized healthcare photography and video settings.

My passion for storytelling with documenting resulted in my first book, An Ordinary Day: Children with rare genetic diseases and a further book that captured people living with epilepsy.  My personal work focusses on current topics such as Transgender Youths and the Elderly experience in 2022.


Annual Photography Awards 

Architecture and Interior               


Julia Margaret Cameron Award              Landscape 


NYC for Photographic Arts

Jury Selection


Julia Margaret Cameron Awards            Nature & Seascapes


Communication Arts Finalist


Julia Margaret Cameron Awards

Landscape Single Winner


ND Awards

Architecture & Interior


International Photography Awards

Aerial Photography


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